Highly efficient asbestos removal services


Many buildings built before the 1980s are likely to have this unwanted presence lurking somewhere within the structuring. While it can sometimes sit there perfectly safe, once disturbed through renovations, fibres can break free, potentially becoming extremely dangerous in the process. In these cases, you might need an asbestos removalist in Melbourne to tackle the job efficiently. Qualified with the right insights and know-how, these experts can eradicate any threats and ensure protection for the long term.


We handle all jobs through careful testing


We can visit your home or commercial building and perform asbestos testing and removal – no matter where in Melbourne you are located. This will ensure that any issues you have sitting around in situ are not able to cause any significant damage or problems. Additionally, we’ll ensure that you are complying with all regulations upheld in Australia. If necessary, our team will advise you in regard to the best plan of attack or alternative path, if there is significant work to be done on the site.

Let us handle your asbestos removal and disposal needs

If necessary, our professional team can safely dispose of the dangerous fibres on your behalf. We are fully trained and licensed in the safe removal of this substance, working through strict procedures and processes to ensure your building is fully protected from the outset. Beyond this, we also ensure that all waste is disposed of according to regulations, maximising your safety until the job is completed.


Our asbestos removal and disposal Melbourne team are fully trained and equipped with the professional insights to complete all jobs, both big and small. Let us show you why we’re a well-recognised provider in the field.

A bit about us


Pearcedale Plant Hire is a family-run business, operating throughout Melbourne since 2000.


As a trusted specialist in the area, we strive ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances and industry requirements. We’re confident in expressing that we know our stuff, allowing us to complete all tasks as quickly and as efficiently as possible, with as little downtime to your premises as possible. Throughout the process, we’ll communicate with you fully, so that you understand what is happening at each step of the way.


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